Apr 16, 2022
Watch Malayali Mamanu Vanakkam Malayalam Movie | കലാഭവൻ മണി,പ്രഭു, ജയറാം ഒന്നിച്ച കോമഡി ഹിറ്റ് ചിത്രം

Malayali Mamanu Vanakkam is a Malayalam language film directed... by Rajasenan starring Jayaram, Prabhu, Kalabhavan Mani and Roja. It was released in 22 February 2002.[1] The film was dubbed into Tamil as Gounder Veetu Maapillai, with additional scenes featuring Vadivelu, Venniradai Moorthy, M. S. Bhaskar and Lekhasri.

Anandakuttan's mother (Srividya) wants her daughter Anandavalli (Shobha Mohan) to be with the family for Anandakuttan's (Jayaram) marriage to Revathy (Suja Karthika). So he takes up a trip on to Tamil Nadu in search of his sister and her husband Muniyandi (Kalabhavan Mani) along with his uncle Keshu (Jagathy Sreekumar).

Anandakuttan succeeds in finding his sister and she sends her daughter Parvathy (Roja) with Anandakuttan to his home town, to prevent her from marrying Kannayya (Prabhu). However, Parvathy assumes that Anandakuttan is in love with her following the Tamil custom of Muraimaman (where uncles do marry their niece). She falls in love with him and assumes his family also considers her as the fiancée of him without knowing that he was already engaged with Revathy. Anandakuttan wants to make her aware that in Kerala, it is a prohibited relationship as uncles have a fatherly figure without offending her. So he tries to bring Kannayya to his family to make her fall in love with him. However, she doesn't while resulted in a major issue in the family once they came to know that Parvathy felt love for Anandakuttan.

Jayaram as Anandakuttan/Kuttan/Kuttu
Prabhu as Periyakulam Aruval Kannaiya
Kalabhavan Mani as Thirupathy Perumal/Muniyandi
Roja as Parvathi/Paru
Jagathy Sreekumar as Kesavan/Kesu Ammavan
Suja Karthika as Revathi
Srividya as Anandakuttan's mother
Shobha Mohan as Anandavalli
Oduvil Unnikrishnan as Narayana Kurup
Sudheesh as Kammath (Lodge Receptionist)
Machan Varghese as Chinnaiya (Kannaiya's helper)
Sruthi Nair (Devika Rani) as Vichithra
Kalliyoor Sasi in a cameo appearance
Vadivelu as 'Vetti' Veru (Tamil)


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