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Thangamana Raasa is a 1989 Indian Tamil film, directed by V. Azhagappan and produced by Rani Azhagappan. The film stars Ramarajan, Kanaka,... Goundamani and Senthil in lead roles. The film had musical score by Ilaiyaraaja.[1][2] The film was remade in Telugu as Muddula Menalludu starring Balakrishna.

Vinu Chakravarthy gets cheated by his brother and loses his money, following which a quarrel erupts between them and Vinu Chakravarthy accidentally kills his brother out of anger. Vinu Chakravarthy is sentenced to life time imprisonment. Ramarajan is Vinu Chakravarthy's only son. Rajeev is Vinu Chakravarthy's brother's son. Rajeev gets furious knowing about his father's death and vows to take revenge by killing Vinu Chakravarthy. Also Rajeev develops enmity with Ramarajan.

However, Ramarajan is kind-hearted and wants to make peace with his cousin Rajeev. Kanaka is Ramarajan's niece and she falls in love with him for which Ramarajan also reciprocates. Rajeev does not want Kanaka to marry Ramarajan and attempts to disrupt their relationship. Rajeev's sister falls in love with a school teacher. Ramarajan finds this and has her marry her lover which angers Rajeev.

Vinu Chakravarthy gets released from jail completing his life time imprisonment. Rajeev also goes to Chennai with plans of killing Vinu Chakrvarthy as soon as he is released from prison. Ramarajan finds about Rajeev's plans and tries to save his father. But unexpectedly, Rajeev meets with an accident in Chennai. Ramarajan and Vinu Chakrvarthy see this and immediately admit him in a nearby hospital following which Rajeev is saved. Knowing this, Rajeev feels guilty and understands the good nature of Ramarajan and Vinu Chakravarthy. Ramarajan gets united with Kanaka.

Vinu Chakravarthy

Directed by V. Azhagappan
Produced by Rani Azhagappan
Written by V. Azhagappan,
D. S. Balagan (dialogues)
Starring Ramarajan
Music by Ilaiyaraaja
Cinematography Ravinder
Edited by V. Rajagopal
S. Shankar
Rekha Combines
Release date
28 October 1989

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