Apr 15, 2022
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The Hip Hop/ Rap genre is a form of expression for many musicians to convey a message, express deep feelings, or even tell a melancholy story.

Composed by Dr.Nandhakumar Mahalingam, the fiery lyrics of Thanjai Ari. Parasuraman and rendered soulfully by...Singer Praniti and V.M.Mahalingam, "Thamizh Da" is one such song that expresses the greatness of the oldest language in the world of Thamizh. It mentions the Pathu Paatu (Ten Idylls) and other works belonging to the Thamizh Sangam literature.

The different slangs of Thamizh spoken by Thamizhians from different parts of Tamil Nadu have been highlighted, and it finally consoles the Eezha Thamizhars. This song is published to make the younger generation realise the richness and the vastness of Thamizh. After listening to this song, if two Thamizhians converse, the language that will blossom between them should be only Thamizh. That's the greatest gift we 'Thamizh Da' team are expecting from Thamizhians all over the world....🔥THAMIZH DA

Song Name: Thamizh Da
Singers: V.M. Mahalingam, Praniti
Lyrics: Thanjai Ari. Parasuraman (BHEL)
Music Composer: Dr. Nandhakumar Mahalingam
Rap: Packianathan Stanley
Dancers: Mr. Flame, Mr. Ace, Dr. Keerthika Venugopal
Direction: Khumara Prasad
Cinematography and Editing: Sanjay Sooriya
Makeup Artist: Sameeha Ismath
Producer: Dhyaana Nandhakumar
Banner: Music Doctor

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Gaana - https://bit.ly/3EaoqzH
Apple Music - https://apple.co/3uP6Yhb
iTunes - https://apple.co/3uP6Yhb
Spotify - https://prf.hn/l/EQZER5p
Resso - https://m.resso.com/ZSdkhY5Ev/
Amazon Music - https://amzn.to/3rqCcsI
Youtube Music - https://bit.ly/3JFvXro
Wynk - https://bit.ly/3roMEAS
Raaga - https://bit.ly/3rmFqO0

Music Credits:

Music and Rhythm Programmer: C. Dishon Prince
Flute: Mohan Raj
Mridangam: Padmanabhan
Mixing and Mastering: R.K. Sundar @ Prism Studios, Chennai
V.M. Mahalingam Vocals Recorded @ Nadabindu Recording Studios, Chennai by Naveen Kannan
Praniti Vocals Recorded @ 2 bar Q Studios, Chennai by Kashyap
Live Music Instruments Recorded @ Wave X Studios, Chennai by Allen

Hospitality: Vishnu Ravichandran
Accomodation and Travel Arranged by Suguna & Ashok Ramanujam

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