Karpagam Vanthachu is a 1993 Tamil-language comedy film directed by R. Krishnamoorthy. The film stars Arjun Sarja and Raadhika, with Gowtham Sundararajan, Y. G. Mahendra, Vidyasri, Soorya, S. S. Chandran, Vinu Chakravarthy, Venniradai Moorthy, and Charle...playing supporting roles.

Plot Summary
Sakthivel (Arjun Sarja) is a poor orphan living alone in a slum and works as a cycle rickshaw puller. Being a short-tempered person, he cannot tolerate injustice so he is often caught in fights. He then meets the outspoken Karpagam (Raadhika), who delivers meals at homes. They fall in love with each other.

Raja (Gowtham Sundararajan) and Sarathi (Y. G. Mahendra) are brothers, and they have lost their parents at a young age. Sarathi is married to the arrogant Sarasu (Soorya) and is totally submissive to her, while his younger brother Raja is a bachelor. Sarasu is the daughter of the wealthy man Pasupathi (Vinu Chakravarthy).

Later, Raja and his college mate Radha (Vidyasri) fall in love with each other. Radha is cocky and proud in nature. She is from a poor family: her father Thiruchitrambalam (Venniradai Moorthy) and her brother Madhavan (Charle) spend their time by playing cards. Sarathi accepts for the marriage, but he asks Radha to act as a soft-spoken and modest woman in front of Sarasu. Sarasu accepts too for their wedding. Raja and Radha finally get married.

After the marriage, Sarasu reveals her true colours. Sarasu and Radha then start to quarrel for simple matters, and it leads to an ego clash between the two women. Raja also becomes a submissive husband like his brother. One day, their uncle Mayilsamy (S. S. Chandran) comes from Delhi to live with them. Mayilsamy thinks that the two uncontrollable women need a mother-in-law to calm them.

Mayilsamy hires Karpagam to act as his wife and he wants Karpagam to change the two women's behaviour. Afterwards, Karpagam turns Sarasu and Radha's lives into hell on earth. Sakthivel also enters their house to play as Karpagam's brother. What transpires next forms the rest of the story.

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