Apr 16, 2022
Rasappan (Sathyaraj) is a rich but irresponsible landlord in a village, who loves his niece Meena (Meena), an educated girl. Their parents decide to engage them, but Meena refuses to marry as Rasappan is jobless. Rasappan challenges them to find a decent jobs.... Rasappan's uncle (Goundamani) advises him to become an MLA. Rasappan joins Paramasivan's (Manivannan) political party and contests in MLA election against his uncle Velusamy (Vijayakumar). Paramasivan is cruel-natured and decides to loot public money if Rasappan wins in his party. But Rasappan feels bad contesting against his own uncle and campaigns electors to vote for Velusamy instead of him. But, in an unexpected event, Rasappan wins the election. Rasappan becomes an honest MLA and helps his village people. He convinces the villagers to deposit their money in a new bank, which is promoted by Paramasivan's relative. Paramasivan and his relative loot all the deposited money and escape, which lands Rasappan in trouble. Rasappan is immediately sent to jail. Villagers burn Rasappan's house and steal his properties. Velusamy bails him out, Rasappan retrieves the money, gives it back to the villagers and then sends Paramasivan and his partner to jail. Then Rasappan goes to Chennai to resign as MLA, but The honest Chief Minister [M. N. Nambiyar] congratulates Rasappan for his honesty and promotes him as the new Minister for Home and Police. Back in his village, Paramasivan's henchmen attempt to kill him, but they fail. Meena accepts to get married with Rasappan.

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